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  1. stephen lee says:

    Hi, I am getting an Idea together here in Palm Springs it’s S.A.F.E.(Sustainable Agriculture Food Ecology) and am presenting the Community Farmstead, This is a farm project in the city that will grow on various peoples yards and give the individual homeowner the choice to share their fruits and veggies by sale at the neighborhood farm stand or trade with neighbors or personally consume. Also start a neighborhood seed bank, and tool library and a couple more things. My role is to be a facilitator in getting the gardens built and maintained and pulling resources together and getting the people together and excited about the project. My question is do you have any suggestions and do you think a system like this could work that is growing food on the yards of peoples homes. I see a real benefit to this the first being the elimination of grass, building community, etc. well I was so happy to hear about your project, Your the first one I heard about my friend saw an article in the LA times. I have been dreaming about this for years before this I had a farm to school program. Take care and thank you. Peas Out

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