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March 7th, 2014 by caitlyn

It’s official: Little City Gardens has a new landlord.

The property on which the farm currently sits has changed ownership. As of this week, the property is now owned by Golden Bridges School — a small, newly-formed elementary school whose teachings are rooted in Waldorf philosophies. In addition to indoor classroom time, the school prioritizes outdoor education, exploration and work as part of a child’s development and learning. They have been looking for property to house their small but growing body of students, so after one of the parents spotted the for sale sign posted on the property, they acted fast.

Fortunately, they are also interested in keeping much of the farm intact, to be operated alongside the school. Little City Gardens will still remain a functioning business, growing vegetables and flowers for sale, while also maintaining the space for educational use by Golden Bridges School. I feel very positive about the cohabitation, and I’m relieved to know that the threat of condo development is officially removed, and that this rich and productive soil we’ve worked so hard to build will be respected in some form or another for years to come. There are of course an overwhelming number of details to work out, but it’s exciting to move forward into a new era with an inspired, creative, energized group of people, and I am so grateful to be able to keep this year’s farm plans mostly intact.

And speaking of plans! We’re experimenting with a slight shift in production this year. In addition to an increase in some of the greens and vegetables that do consistently well for us (kale, collards, chard, beets, spring onions, cape gooseberries, radishes, etc), we’re also setting aside space for a more significant crop of cut flowers for the summer. The financial contribution the flowers will hopefully make will be very helpful, and I’m also excited to change up the farm landscape a little bit with an explosion of new colors, scents and textures.

And, as normal for late winter / early spring, we are running around the farm these days, trying to hold up all the pieces in preparation for a productive season. This year’s crop spreadsheets are already dirty and faded from so much handling, the greenhouse and cold frames are packed to the brim with germinating trays and potted up seedlings, the beds are getting generous loads of compost, and the perennials have all gotten a nice trim.

After a year of scaling back, we’re back in full effect this year. We built some new trellises this winter, and I’m eager to let the chayote climb.

PS — As you may have noticed, keeping up with this journal can be a real challenge! I’m going to try my very best, as there’s always a lot to say, but in the meantime, check in over here once in a while for some photos from the field.

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  1. Pamela says:

    Bravo to you and best wishes for a great year. I know the youngsters who come in contact with Little City Garden will be greatly inspired and informed. Pamela

  2. Tom says:

    Congratulations on finding the right sort of buyer for the farm. Hope that the sale has gone through with no disruption to your plans.

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