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March 12th, 2018 by caitlyn

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I’m pleased to announce that LITTLE CITY GARDENS, the film, is currently in post-production! LITTLE CITY GARDENS, sponsored by SFFLIM, is a nonfiction feature presenting, through striking cinematic language, the beauty and magnetism of the urban farm we all loved.

About the film:

As we come away from the one year anniversary of the farm’s closure, many in the community continue to mourn the loss. We long for the relationship to land that the farm gave to so many in the city; we miss its soil. And, as we continue to collectively process all that is happening around us, nationally and globally, the conversations present at Little City Gardens — about food systems, community activation, environmental awareness and urban land use — are feeling as pressing as ever. The film, a poetic documentary, is an inspiring look at the creativity and care for land that is both possible and crucial in the city.

It is an honor to collaborate with another artist to bring the farm alive through cinema. Ben Grossman, a San Francisco filmmaker, has been working on LITTLE CITY GARDENS since 2015, when he alternated between shooting and working on the farm several days a week. This approach allowed for a unique intimacy between the camera and the farm, and for an important understanding of the valuable relationships that existed there between people, plants, and land. I am so inspired by the compelling and beautiful film that is materializing.

Interested in involvement?

We are currently seeking funders who are interested in supporting this film as we approach editing and sound design. I look forward to telling you more! Please be in touch for film treatment, budget, and post-production timeline.

For more info:

Keep an eye on our instagram for updates and occasional sneak peeks. We’ll also be presenting a crowdfunding campaign in Summer 2018 with more info, teasers and opportunities to support, so please stay tuned!

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